Houchens Creek
This transformation of a small, 1940s farm cottage was our first green remodel. The cramped and dark rooms of the original house were rearranged into a bright, airy, and open floorplan that included turning the unused attic into a generous loft space.

After the house was deconstructed down to the original framing, a small addition was added, window and door penetrations were rearranged, then bio-based foam insulation was applied to seal all the old holes and leaks. All windows were replaced with low-E, argon-filled sashes. Reclaimed heart pine from the Mountain Lumber company was used on the floors, and the poplar siding and trim came from the Appalchian Sustainable Development mills in southwest Virginia, all of it harvested from certified-sustainable wood lots in the southern Appalachians.

Finally, a series of courtyard and garden spaces were designed for the once rocky and barren backyard. To accomplish this, 400 yards of fill from a local commercial excavation were brought in to level-out what was originally an awkward and inhospitable slope.

More pictures to come as the gardens establish themselves!